Disaster Recovery Management

Business critical data is susceptible to loss not only from large-scale disasters such as natural catastrophes but also from small-scale ones such as hardware/software failures, virus attacks, data corruption, unplanned outages, network/power outages, physical damages, and human errors. Such outages not only lead to huge financial losses but also cause irreparable damage to reputation, goodwill, and legal hassles. In addition, businesses today must also deal with challenges of 24/7 service delivery, increasing data compliance needs, and unprecedented data explosion from SMACI (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and IoT). This, coupled with shrinking IT budgets, makes it difficult for organizations to put in place a comprehensive and effective plan for disaster recovery (DR).

Broadgate offers a cloud-based disaster recovery solution to customers to address this very need. The solution is fully managed, software-defined, and can be easily tailored to comply with client’s business policies. It also complies with the country’s data laws, is highly secure, and helps in cost containment beyond norm.

The solution has a web based graphical portal that provides a single pane view of the complete infrastructure. It automates the recovery process with a ‘one-click’ failover and failback in the event of disaster/downtime. Simplified, runbook-based, full-loop DR drills ensure seamless resumption of client’s business-critical operations from the DR site within minutes of a catastrophe (as per the agreed RTO/RPO for such applications or services). Our highly skilled (100+ cloud-certified architects) Backup and DR specialists provide the requisite white glove support to ensure smooth recovery.

Key Features:
  • Broadgate offers a cloud-based disaster recovery solution to customers to address this very need
  • Single pane, highly functional portal
  • Ransomware protection through comprehensive backup strategies
  • Secure and industry-compliant target locations (HIPPA, PCI-DSS, SOX, etc.)
  • Supports multiple platforms—virtual, physical, cloud, hybrid environments
  • No impact full loop DR drills
  • N-Tier application consistency
  • Scalable, agile, and tailored for business tiers
  • Cost containment beyond norm

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