IT Strategy and Project Management

IT Strategy

Developing the right IT strategy is essential to your company’s success, whether you’re a tech company, a manufacturer or retailer, work in healthcare or run an accounting firm. Once you have a solid strategy in place, it’s time to ensure that you have all of the talent, resources and infrastructure required to achieve your objective. That’s where our consultants can offer guidance, helping you to identify any processes, inefficiencies or roadblocks that could stand in the way of success

Project Management

It has been proven time and time again that most IT project initiatives fail if project management is not instilled from the onset of the engagement. IT Project management is essential for businesses to achieve strategic objectives and to monitor performance more closely for better business decision determination.

Broadgateinc offers IT Project Management and differentiates itself from its competitors through the approach and methodology employed. We believe that IT project management is the key to successful enterprise deployment and implementation. We take the management and coordination of projects very seriously and we invest in supporting our clients. No matter what service or what type of project, UNIVERSAL Technologies is committed to overseeing and orchestrating project planning efforts and project deliverables from start to finish.

Broadgateinc employs certified, experienced IT Project Manager professionals who apply science and state-of-the-art technology into every engagement. We consider our project managers a direct extension of our clients enterprise operation. UNIVERSAL Technologies IT Project Management services orchestrate and direct the efforts of the project team work and provide status and coordination with the end user.

Our IT Project Management professionals will:
  • Fully assess the environment in which the project will be applied
  • Develop process change control
  • Evaluate the project environment characteristics to formulate a strategy on how to most effectively approach the design assessment
  • Interview project stakeholders to determine areas of risk
  • Serve as a liaison between user, technical team leader, and executive management from project start to finish
  • Coordinate project documentation resource needs and scheduling
  • Prepare and maintain the project plan based on work and resource estimates supplied by a Technical Leader from requirements assessment phase
  • Hold status meetings with users to report the status of the milestones, deliverables, and user dependencies and to communicate any known areas of risk. Coordinate training requirements between UNIVERSAL Technologies staff and the customer staff
  • Ensures the customer deliverables are met, manages project to ensure delivery on-time and on-budget, and schedules training and delivery of knowledge transfer documents

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