Businesses need processes which will reduce time to respond, reasonable accuracy within specified limits, help in utilizing the historical data for predictive and forecasting purposes as well as good metrics for control and monitoring. In the light of these reasons, Sales and Finance divisions was in need of a effective and efficient process to augment the current manual processes, thereby responding in a timely manner and maintain accuracy, most importantly not losing out on sales orders/services because of paucity of time due to increase in transaction volumes of the respective divisions.

Sales and marketing division was grappling with a manual process of generating excel data and exchanging of large number of mails and attached data files back and forth adding to network loading. Importantly time is a major constraint for a timely response to the customers with the current manual process. The current Requirements gathering to identifying the right fit of candidates and coordinating with project customer’s sponsors are becoming a more complex process with ever increasing market/customer projects needs and services. Similarly Finance division identified a business need for an efficient process to minimize errors and effect timely payments and other related activities. The current manual process of logging of timesheets and generating invoices adhering to contract terms and payments is becoming a laborious process and in need of a more effective and less tedious and accurate process.

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